June 16, 2016

电子回收商国际名称Tammy Shegerian向董事会

伊犁,国家’s leading recycler of electronic waste, announced today that it has named Tammy Shegerian to its Board of Directors. As ERI’s current Chief Operating Officer, Shegerian oversees and manages the day-to-day operations of each aspect of the organization, including sales oversight, and has played a key leadership role in the company’s rapid growth […]

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March 29, 2016


伊犁,国家’S电子废物和世界的领先回收者’最大的网络安全的硬件毁灭公司今天宣布,它已成功实现了AAA认证,从国家信息毁坏协会(NAID)的数据毁坏认证,因为其旗舰Fresno,加利福尼亚州设施。 NAID是一家国际专业组织,为负责任数据设定行业标准[…]

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